Lord of the null lines

More lines. I will now stop doing lines. I know how to do lines. The interactivity in this graph comes from clicking the buttons at the top – Average Weekly Earnings or Change since 2000. Also, if you hover over the legends on the right, the lines should light up. Hover over the lines and you can see the values.

This is a graph of Average Weekly Earnings in the UK, broken down by industry. The numbers for each year are based on the average earnings in the first quarter. They don’t include bonuses. The aim of the graph is to compare the changes between sectors over time. The issue is that some sectors have much higher average earnings than others, so it’s not easy to look at the changes and the levels on one graph. So we need two – one to show the levels and one to show the percentage changes since 2000. There’s a full post explaining the social policy ramifications of all this on the NPI site here

By far the most edifying thing about this is the way the y axis whooshes off the top of the space. I don’t know why it does that, but I’m glad it does.

In terms of problems doing this, once I’d decided what I was doing it was easy. The main advance is the aforementioned changing axes, but that’s quite straightforward. The problem was deciding on what I wanted to show, which has nothing to do with D3, javascript, coding or what have you and everything to do with analysis.

Also, following this and How’s Life In London, all posts will be named after mid 90s jungle tunes.

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