Line up. And line down.

I finally got the moving line graph to work. Same deal as before; click the categories at the top, watch it all move around. Although if you mouseover the lines while they’re moving the transition breaks down and the movement stops. So let’s not do that.

It’s D3 again, as I’d imagine most stuff will be now I’ve got an idea of how it works a bit better. It’s based on the line graph in the D3 Tips and Tricks book and then amended with various bits and pieces I got from Scott Murray’s book and a question I asked in some desperation on Stack Overflow.
All the numbers are actual numbers, from the ONS Labour Market Series.

It’s got lots of different elements to it which made it difficult to do but easy enough to repeat. The main thing is that the dots, lines, legends and buttons all have separate IDs so I can do what I want with them without changing anything else. This sounds pretty basic but until the helpful man on stack overflow told me I was struggling a bit. Also the date formatting was a fiasco and I’ve had to cheat to get the axis labelled properly. It would make a proper coder cry.

I’ve posted this up on the NPI site with an explanation of what the numbers mean for all the labour market statisticians out there.

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