Inactivity rates

I found this amazing tutorial and adapted it ever so slightly. It is amazing. It is also way beyond my skillset right now.

The point is you can adjust the period you are looking at by using the box at the bottom, and zoom in and out on different years. I should adapt it to use monthly or quarterly data, as that would really make the most of the functionality. Even so. It’s pretty impressive as it is. And I can say that because it was all someone else’s work.

I wanted to use it to show the changing rates of economic inactivty among men and women in the UK over the last few decades. I think it does that quite nicely, and even if the zooming doesn’t add that much at the moment, the potential for interactivity I think probably draws people in.

I wrote a blog on this topic on the NPI site, with a static google graph

All I did was drop in a new dataset. This was part of my attempt to animate a line graph but I found this and it was loads better so, basically, I stole it. It’s from a guy called Tyler Craft and you can see more of his stuff here

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