Spanish youth unemployment

I wanted to do two things. One – use data wrapper and see if it was any good. Two – look at youth unemployment across the EU for,, for a thing.

So here are the levels of young adult (under 25) unemployment for selected countries across the EU. The numbers might be slightly lower than expected. That’s because they are expressed as a proportion of the population, not as a proportion of the “economically active” (employed plus unemployed). This makes a difference, because so many under 25s are economically inactive on account of them being students. Take them out of the equation altogether (denominator and numerator) and it makes unemployment look pretty high.

Anyway. Look at Spain! One in five under 25s are unemployed. That’s insane. No wonder they’re indignado.

Doing this

Datawrapper is another bit of free-except-for-handing-over-your-e-mail software. It’s OK. I don’t like how they’ve truncated the y axis at 2.5 (it should go to zero, and given it’s so close there’s nothing to be gained by not doing so).

Also, the instruction to Look at Spain! is a nice touch but it’s hard to carry out as picking Spain out from that bundle isn’t easy. When you mouse-over the lines you get the values, but not the name of the country.

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