This graph was supposed to go in a post I wrote for the Holtmania website, a site about the mighty Norwich City. I wrote the end of season review for James Vaughan, initially as I thought it would be funny.

The graph is drawn on a site called It’s looks lovely, but it was a pain to draw as doesn’t allow you to import spreadsheets, so you’ve got to type the numbers in. Though it’s only got half a dozen numbers in it. It can’t have been that hard.

Because it’s quite hipster the axis isn’t labelled but if you hover over the bars you can see the numbers. It’s quite sweet I think.

The post is here. It is the second piece of football writing I’ve done. The first was a match report on Zenit St Petersburg v Bradford City in the Intertoto Cup in 2000. That sounds like a joke but it’s not. Look.

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